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Local elections on Apr 9: some notes (ja muistutus selkosuomeksi kuntavaaleista)

An important local election will take place one week before Easter, this Sunday 9.4. (the ninth of April). Many immigrants can vote, too. Have a look at this chart from Yle:


Let your voice be heard in Turku.

Municipal elections are on Sunday 9.4.2017. Advance voting is from 29.3. till 4.4. If you vote in advance, you can vote at any general advance voting station in Finland or abroad.

When you go to vote, you must have some identification with you.

Oulu municipal election - my main themes in bad english

Municipal elections are getting closer day by day, I am a nonaligned Left Alliance (Vasemmistoliitto) candidate in Oulu. Here are my main themes in short and in bad english, one of the most common languages of the world.


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